Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Iraqui Wife Reports From the Front on Pres Bush visit to Iraq

Iraqi wife reports from the front lines...on Bush visit

So Bush claimed that Iraq hasnt slipped into civil war...Hmmmm and a big Hmmm too. What does he call whats happening right now then??? A game of Hide and seek??? Ask anyone here, anyone, and they will tell you this IS a civil war. Ask a 5 year old kid.
Mr Bush, spare me the BS, and for once, once in your life say something truthful. Listen to what the real Iraqis are saying....He brought on the Iraqi Study Group, which does not include a single Iraqi person. How can you solve a problem without knowing its roots??? how can he be practical in making decisions that affect the 26 million people living here??? I dunno why its so difficult to utter the words "civil war"....Are they waiting for Iraq to disappear ...The end result is the obliteration of the innocent Iraqi human. The eradication of the innocent Iraqi blood. They all have become draculas, draculas feeding on the Iraqi blood.

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