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Few Take Ahmadineajad's Warning to Repent Seriously

Read Big Al's letter to Americans on CNN here

From NewsMax: Iran's Ahmadinejad: America's New Pen Pal by Kenneth R. Timmerman. (via Little Green Footballs)Ahmadinejadization Alert by Ali Akbar Dareini for AP, with thanks to James: Citing from the Quran at the close of his letter, he says that if Americans "repent" of their "injustice," they will be blessed with many gifts. "We should all heed the divine Word of the Holy Qur'an," he says.
The context of this particular verse (28:67-28, Sura "Al-Qasas," or The Narration), is very clear. It follows a graphic description of destruction and devastation that will befall those who fail to repent of their injustice.
It also sets out the terms of the tradition Muslim warning to the enemies of Allah. "And never will your Lord destroy the towns until He sends to their mother town a Messenger reciting to them Our Verses." This is precisely what Ahmadinejad is doing in his letter.
Dump Bush, allow the Muslims to destroy Israel, and adopt Islam — or else you will be destroyed. This is Ahmadinejad's message.

Islamofascist allegedly plans to bomb U.S. shopping mall

A Muslim convert who talked about his desire to wage jihad against civilians was charged Friday in a plot to set off hand grenades at a shopping mall at the height of the Christmas rush, authorities said. …”He fixed on a day of December 22nd on Friday … because it was the Friday before Christmas and thought that would be the highest concentration of shoppers that he could kill and injure,” said Robert Grant, the agent in charge of the Chicago FBI office.

I am from America, and this tape is to let you guys know, who disbelieve in Allah, to let the enemies of Islam know, and to let the Muslims alike know that the time for jihad is strong, oh Mujahideen...May Allah protect me on this mission we do not cry, do not mourn for me,” he said, according to the FBI affidavit.

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Casino Fatale

Cox and Forkum
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Islam Not For Me 'The Song'

I found this satirical Song from Major Tom
website and I thought I share it with you.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Peace Of Islam

...............this piece has been made all the more timely with yesterday’s release of the Iraq Study Group Report which counsels, among other things suicidal and asinine, cooperation with Syria and Iran—cooperation with two of the powers profiting from and responsible for the ongoing carnage in Iraq. If the peace we were seeking was the peace that the mullahs or Muqtada al Sadr were interested in, there would be no Mahdi Army, there would be no Iranian shape charges piercing the armor of U.S. assault vehicles and humvees, there would be no Syrian-trained insurgents. These very simple facts have nonetheless escaped this, to be sure, considerably compensated committee of esteemed…diplomats and lawyers. And naturally, anything that reeks of U.S. defeat and debasement has all the little media vultures swarming and squawking breathlessly as if James Baker had just come down from the mountain to deliver this last, best chance of putting an end to the Iraqi quagmire—the catch is it means surrendering to our enemies. Peace with our Islamic foes, the only peace which they will countenance, is our explicit surrender—and liberals seemingly have no problem with this because in the meantime they can bask in a little temporary fame and renown as bringers of peace—temporary because soon it’ll be time to act surprised when the next catastrophe occurs—then the next demands when come, followed by the next concessions and bit by bit, and piece by piece, we will have made ourselves over in their image out pure cowardice and finally we will be at peace. We will accept our slavery gracefully and we will call it peace. by....... D.T Devareaux

Pearl Harbor 65 years Ago

Five years after Pearl Harbor, the war was over. The Third Reich was kaput. The Japanese were vanquished as well.
But five years and counting after 9/11, there is no victory in sight. There is not even much clarity about why we are fighting, or whom we are fighting

Robert Gates’ reference to an Israeli nuclear weapon was synchronized with Baker’s exclusion of Israel from a Mid East conference

The pair is pursuing a new policy line which sacrifices the traditional US-Israeli alliance for the sake of wooing Iran, Syria and Iraq’s neighbors for help in Iraq. During his senate hearings, Gates confirmed - and indirectly justified - Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon by declaring that the Islamic republic Iran wants the power of deterrence against “the nuclear countries surrounding them – Pakistan in the east, Russia in the north, Israel in the west and the United States in the Persian Gulf.” DEBKAfile.

Olmert refuses to recognize Washington’s policy reversal on a nuclear Iran


“I don’t know one person in the United States who can accept nuclear weapons being in Iranian hands,” Prime Minister Ehud Olmert told the Committee of Newspaper Editors prior to his departure for Europe on Thursday, Dec. 7.Olmert remains oblivious to the new reality in Washington, where the powers that be have already come to terms with the prospect of a nuclear Iran.

Cox and Forkum Unconditional Appeasement Then and Now

by Forkum
But with today also being the 65th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, I couldn't help but recall, and be inspired by, an article in the latest Objective Standard that I linked to earlier this week: "No Substitute for Victory": The Defeat of Islamic Totalitarianism by John Lewis. In this excellent, must-read essay, Dr. Lewis compares today's approach to war with that of the 1940s. Here's another excerpt:In 1945, Americans knew that there was truly "no substitute for victory," as General MacArthur said in his farewell speech to Congress. In 1945, Americans also knew the meaning of "victory." In other words, continued FDR: We have learned that if we do not pull the fangs of the predatory animals of the world, they will multiply and grow in strength . . . [they] must be disarmed and kept disarmed, and they must abandon the philosophy which has brought so much suffering to the world. The CNN headline captures the essence: Bush tells Iran, Syria how they can join Iraq talks.

Peace In Our Time

thanks to Cox & Forkum for cartoons

Bush Expresses Caution on Key Points in Iraq Panel’s Report

By SHERYL GAY STOLBERG and KATE ZERNIKEPublished: December 7, 2006
WASHINGTON, Dec. 7 — President Bush moved quickly on Thursday to distance himself from the central recommendations of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group: pulling back all combat brigades over the next 15 months and direct talks with Iran and Syria.
The report also called for the United States to open negotiations on stabilizing Iraq with Syria and Iran – a proposal advanced last month by Mr. Blair in a major policy speech.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

No Explanation Necessary

Exclusive Video Interview With Hezbollah Agents

This thanks to NO PASARAN! we have rare footage of actual interviews with detained Hezbollah operatives who describe their activities within civilian population centers during the war.
To say they are interesting would be an under statement see for yourself . Interview Part I Interview PART II and finally Part III

Somalia Town Threatens to Behead People Who Don't Pray 5 Times Daily

AP MOGADISHU, Somalia — Residents of a southern Somalia town who do not pray five times a day will be beheaded, an official said Wednesday, adding the edict will be implemented in three days.Those who do not follow the prayer edict after three days have elapsed, "will definitely be beheaded according to Islamic law," Rage told The Associated Press by phone. "As Muslims we should practice Islam fully, not in part, and that is what our religion enjoins us to do."
Story thanks to Jihad Watch read it all here .

A Very Funny Prank !

Someone decided to pull a prank on a telemarketer and recorded the conversation and is sharing it with us, Very funny stuff.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Apache Helicopter Versus Insurgents


This guide is for families preparing for imminent terrorist or strategic nuclear attackswith expected severe destruction followed by widespread radioactive fallout downwind.

In a national crisis of imminent nuclear weapon attacks, read all the way through this guide first,

This guide could save your life!
2,976 people din't think 9-11 would happen , either ! Yet they are not alive to tell us about how they din't think it would happen here .
Better be prepared than ignorant
"Potassium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking Agent in Radiation Emergencies".
How many of you have even the most basic iodine pills in order to protect your family in case of a nuclear accident even it it happens in a big city 200 miles away .
"Potasium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking agent in Radiation Emergency". and how should you take it to protect your family? Where do you order it from? This guide could save your life! Better to print it out now than to have to wonder where was it that you saw it later. The lives of our loves ones depends on you, don't be lax. Take Action Now!

The only reason thinking a nuclear attack won't happen because it hasn't happen yet

Just recently, an al-Qaeda field commander in Afghanistan called for Muslims to leave the U.S., particularly the cities of Washington and New York. Some reports suspect that this call is a warning about a potential nuclear attack on the U.S.
These sales to al-Qaeda have been verified by a host of weapons inspectors, including Hans Blix, former director general of the UN's International Atomic Energy Agency. They were even verified by bin Laden and al-Zawahiri in their pronouncements that they have obtained a small arsenal of nuclear weapons from black-market sources. Before leaving office, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge both voiced that belief that al-Qaeda's plan to nuke cities throughout the country soon might come to fruition. Bill Keller, editor of The New York Times, concluded that the only reason for thinking a nuclear attack won't happen is because "it hasn't happened yet," adding that such reasoning represents "terrible logic." Kushner: Dr. Williams is on point. He carefully describes why we should take measures to deal with a potential American Hiroshima .... read it all here...

US Prison Pop. Increasing By More Than 1000 Per Week

In US Increasing By More Than 1000 Per Week
A record seven million Americans - or one in every 32 adults - were behind bars, on probation or on parole at the end of last year, according to the U.S. Justice Department. From 1995 to 2003, inmates in federal prison for drug offenses have accounted for 49 percent of total prison population growth.Once again, the moUS retains its title as the world's most prison-crazy nation, holding onto first place in both prisoners per capita and total number of people imprisoned.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Chávez easily wins a new term

CARACAS - President Hugo Chávez won his third presidential bid in eight years on Sunday, defeating career politician Manuel Rosales and boosting his ''21st Century Socialism,'' which includes widespread social projects, increasing relations with countries such as Cuba and Iran, and diminishing relations with the United States.

'US won't launch preemptive strike against Teheran'

by YAAKOV KATZ The chances of an American strike are deemed "low," according to assessments by the security establishment. Israel also believes that international diplomatic efforts to stop Iran will fail, security sources said.

Don't bet the farm on it Yaakov, Americans can rally behind a cause when it begets them, The White House Press Secretary said No Invasion of Iraq was imminent , or do you think we going to drop flyers first like the IAF did in Lebanon?

Arab citizens viewed as 'security threats' at airports ! Ever Wonder Why ?

Read the entire article here

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Symposium: China: Time Bomb Walking

Beijing continues to militarily threaten Taiwan, to support a nuclear North Korea, and to forge alliances with anti-American regimes everywhere, including with Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Iran’s nuclear-aspiring Mullahs.

As President Bush met with Chinese President Hu Jintao at the White House this week, the issue of China’s rise as a global superpower took center stage. Serious concerns are mounting in Washington in regards to China’s increasingly aggressive global posturing.
read it all here...