Saturday, November 11, 2006

That's a Show the Buddha to mess with Muhammad

Here is the Explosive action that took out the offending Buddhas carved into the side of a mountain in Bamiyan Province . Even thou the Buddhas had been hanging out on the rock some 2,000 years and won the first battle against tanks and artillery but lost the war against well placed high yield C-4 . Here is another view of the heroic action . in which the offending Buddhas were taken out.


cyberray said...

here is an interesting article on Why the Taliban are destroying Buddhas

By W.L. Rathje, Discover Archaeology Magazine

Anonymous said...

Nice site - I got here from which I follow avidly. This destruction of the magnificent Buddhas was horrendous and was actually telling the world a heck of a lot about this cult called Islam. All the signs are there for us to see but it's a bit like the Emperor's New Clothes. .. Cathkins

cyberray said...

Thanks Cath it takes a lot of work and a litle encouragement from readers like you goes a long way
Hope you will stop by often.