Thursday, January 25, 2007

Video Interviews of People on the Street

Duh Really ?


Deena Hoagland understands the impact a dolphin can have on a human life. Her son, Joe, was left partially paralyzed and visually impaired after having a stroke at the age of three during open-heart surgery.

Deena learned about Dolphins Plus, a nearby research center specializing in dolphin communication. Wanting to get Joe into the water, and intrigued by the prospect of exposing him to dolphins, Deena secured permission from Dolphins Plus owner, Lloyd Borguss, to bring Joe to the center.
It was at Dolphins Plus that Joe first encountered Fonzie, an Atlantic-bottlenosed dolphin. Meeting Fonzie prompted Joe to smile and laugh for the first time since his stroke. Before long, Joe was not only walking, he was bringing Fonzie buckets of fish. After 22 months of interacting with the dolphin, and participating in swim therapy and physical therapy, Joe was close to a full recovery. Now, 11 years later, Joe and Fonzie remain the best of friends.

What Is It About Dolphins?

Researchers have found, for example, that dolphin-assisted therapy aids in reducing stress and increasing relaxation, alleviating depression, boosting production of infection fighting T-cells, stimulating production of endorphins and hormones, enhancing recovery, and reducing pain.

One of the more popular theories is that the dolphin's use of sonar and echolocation produces changes in a person's body tissue and cell structure. Similar to the effect of music therapy, some researchers have suggested that the sounds dolphins emit through their whistles and clicks help produce these changes. Indeed, some individuals swimming with dolphins have reported actually sensing that they were being scanned. They say the echolocation resonated in their bones as they felt it pass through their bodies, producing a tingling sensation.

Another theory is that dolphins are uniquely sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities and seek to help them through playful expressions of concern. This is sometimes referred to as a "secret language" shared when dolphins and people with disabilities "communicate." Dr. Smith goes so far as to suggest that dolphins communicate acoustically with a variety of movements and attend to the body cues of individuals; in particular, individuals with autism, thereby seemingly understanding their thoughts and actions.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Like Father Like Son

Lebanese Bloggers Under fire

The Lebanese blogosphere was insulted by Nassrallah’s speech tonight. Some reactions from Lebanese Bloggers to Nasrallah's provocations,

Raja: Nassrallah: Enough!

Beirut To The Beltway: The Decapitator’s Speech

Desmond: The Battle Begins

by Mustapha BeirutSpring.Com
The point that bugs me most in Nassrallah’s speech is that he thinks that the natural place for a debate among the Lebanese is behind closed doors among leaders. This is very telling and it shows how much respect he has for democracy. “Let us the leaders discuss your destiny behind closed doors, you just shut up and listen,” seems to be his logic. The leaders in question would do well to ignore him and keep the debate public. We want to scrutinize every point and we want to ask questions. If Mr. Nassrallah doesn’t like it we can vote for someone else.

More interesting comments on the situation in Lebanon ..Here..

Hizbullah Attempts Coup in Lebanon

Arutz Sheva by Hana Levi Julian
Violence in the streets of Lebanon led to bloodshed between Hizbullah-led supporters and mostly Christian pro-government forces as two months of mounting protests were brought to a head by arch-terrorist Hassan Nasrallah.Protestors burned tires and blocked main roads in Beirut and elsewhere in Lebanon in a violent “general strike” against Prime Minister Fuad Siniora’s government.

Bush Insists U.S. Must Not Fail in Iraq

read more.. New York Times

Mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent to Ahmadinejad, but an inducement.”

Woolsey Warns of Global Jihad at Herzliya Conference
“I have been told by Iranian friends that Ahmadinejad is indeed crazy, but not stupid,” Lewis warned. “He really believes in the end of days that he is heralding. There is a widespread belief among Shi’ites that that time has come. Mutually assured destruction is not a deterrent to Ahmadinejad, but an inducement.”

Woolsey proceeded to lament the fate of Europe, which he sees as already having been compromised in what he calls World War IV – the third having been the Cold War. “I wish we had a partnership with Europe, but I am afraid it is deteriorating,” he explained. “Europe is accommodating Sharia [Islamic law] and becoming increasingly affected by the Muslim demographics in their countries.”

“The media on the whole and certainly in the US is not interested in ideology and does not take it seriously. They tend to think anybody who is religiously motivated about his views is crazy – whether religious Christians, Muslims or whatever. And that is a problem, because you can be absolutely crazy about your objectives and extremely shrewd about your implementation. I think our media on the whole is very ostrich-like on this issue.”

16:01 Jan 23, '07 / 4 Shevat 5767by Ezra HaLevi

Monday, January 22, 2007

88 Killed as Car Bombs Devastate Busy Baghdad Market

BAGHDAD, Jan. 22 The bombs killed at least 88 people and wounded 160 others even as the first of some 21,000 extra American troops ordered by President Bush began arriving in Baghdad, and as other troops took up positions on SunniShiite fault lines as part of a new strategy to secure the city.

This guys seem to be trying to outdo each other, will see next week if they can do top a hundred victims. Why aren't the UN sending more troops to stop the carnage ? Why aren't the Arabs nations sending troops to stop the carnage.

Why is arabs killing arabs ok, can you imajine if a Western country had deliberately killed 88 innocent civilians at a market , where is the United Nations ? Where is the Outrage ?

Australian Mufti Uncovered meat contest has a winner and a loser !

And the Loser is ! The Mufti !

The winner is presented here to pick up her prize
The Loser is the Mufti Sheik Hilali claimed there's no freedom or democracy for Muslims in Australia and that English people are the most unjust and dishonest.Photo: Cairo Today TV. So the Sheik was told not to bother coming back to Australia if he doesn't like his adopted home or its people.

Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile labelled the mufti's comments as inappropriate, asking Sheik al-Hilali why he chose to live in Australia when he did not like its laws.

''...I remind Sheik al-Hilali that if he doesn't like Australia, our heritage or our way of life, he doesn't have to come back.''

Dead Ball

Asked whether the United States is preparing for a potential military conflict with Iran, President Bush's national security adviser Stephen Hadley told NBC's "Meet the Press," "No, the president has said very clearly that the issues we have with Iran should be solved diplomatically."

Extremely Bad day for US in Iraq with 25 killed Saturday


Hizballah puts UN peacekeepers on a Tight Leash !

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hizballah puts a tight rein on UN peacekeepers’ movements and policing operations in S. Lebanon - with threats to their safety Hizballah warned UN commanders that monitors flouting Hizballah’s injunctions and conducting searches would be fired on.

The USS Stennis carrier with thousands of troops and 80 warplanes aboard is heading for Persian Gulf

DEBKAfiles January 21, 2007, 1:27 PM (GMT+02:00)
Saturday, Jan 20, the ship picked up 2,500 troops at San Diego. The Stennis Strike Group has still to collect two ships at Hawaii before heading east with a complement of 6,500 US soldiers.

and the build up continues, wonder how much a carrier group cost to maintain per day?