Saturday, November 11, 2006

That's a Show the Buddha to mess with Muhammad

Here is the Explosive action that took out the offending Buddhas carved into the side of a mountain in Bamiyan Province . Even thou the Buddhas had been hanging out on the rock some 2,000 years and won the first battle against tanks and artillery but lost the war against well placed high yield C-4 . Here is another view of the heroic action . in which the offending Buddhas were taken out.

Saudis Execute 2 Women..for non-violent crimes

Some 1,600 young British Muslims are being groomed as suicide bombers with links to al Qaeda in Pakistan

November 10, 2006, 2:29 PM (GMT+02:00)
...Head of the British spy agency MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller said at least 30 terrorist attacks are being plotted in Britain, which could involve chemical and nuclear devices....

USS Boxer Strike Group, entered the Persian Gulf Thursday, Nov. 9, the largest US landing force to reach this water in a decade

.....The group’s commander, Capt. David Angood said that if “anything important happens in the real-world environment, the task force will deal with it in the most efficient manner.” It is the first time that a US naval strike force is accompanied by a coast guard unit. Its vessels are equipped and their crews trained for rapid rescue and aid missions to damaged ships and wounded crewmen. Their presence in the task force indicates that the Boxer strike group is prepared for Iranian attack by sea, air, submarine, sea-to-sea missiles or depth mines.

Siniora’s Lebanese government breaks up, faces street disturbances

...the radical Hamas leaders in Damascus are moving fast to take advantage of the Bush administration’s policy setback to sow unrest in Beirut and instability in the Middle East....

Abandoning Iraq -- A Done Deal:

Abandoning Iraq -- A Done Deal:
CU. Wouldn't wanna BU

“The fate that will befall all those millions of courageous Iraqis, showing the dye on their fingers after they had voted — in defiance of all the terror threats — will not come as a surprise to me, either. They are being sold out, as the Vietnamese were before them. But the consequences of abandoning Iraq will come home to the United States and the West, in a way Vietnam never touched us.” (David Warren)

UK spy chief fears nuclear attack-CNN

this story is sure getting a lot of attention, could the intelligence services be on to something?

Friday, November 10, 2006

Pope Phobia Re Birth Part II The Beginning and the End

Going back 6,000 years to the very origin of Pope Phobia at its earliest. The Collection of artwork left behind as a silent witness of our passing through which is rich in detail, promise, hope and perhaps holds a few clues as to the future of our civilization . Set to Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th and to Hansel's Messiah.

Soundtrack for movie PoPe PhoBia

The sound for the movie 'POPEPHOBIA' was provided by a 17 yr old with a electric guitar in his bedroom. You got see this.

Palestinians Children being taught to be suicide bombers

Children are not yours or ours, They belong to the future ! How can the people of the world turn a blind eye to this. The silence is deafening Where is Kofi ! Where is the OUTRAGE!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photo Of the Week Britney Spears (The Video)

Super Star Britney, needs no intro., watch the video to see her performance with clips from Rio,Miami singing Angela Aiki's song 'Eyes On Me'. I prefer Faye Wong's version. Enjoy !

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ten Reasons Why the West Will Lose the War on Terror

Going Out For Jihad is Real Freedom

Musa Mukozhev: " Going Out For Jihad is Real Freedom"
Publication time: 8 November 2006, 16:56
read the whole article :

The Islamic Ruling on the Permissibility of Martyrdom Operations

Definition of Martyrdom Operations, and their Effect on the Enemy