Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Ten Reasons Why the West Will Lose the War on Terror


D. T. Devareaux said...

Overall, a great article that only begins to articulate the disenchantment leading to our demise. Unfortunately, any substantive response to this essay will result in yet another essay, which I’m not inclined to author at present. However, I will point out one inconsistency in the writer’s contention that the West needs to be more “proactive”: the West, lacking the “will to survive,” “being selfish and divided,” being too “na├»ve,” “illiterate” and indecent, surely would not benefit, in any way, from the author’s suggestion that what is needed is a military draft. What sense would there be in shoring up a military with cynical, self-hating and over-indulged plebes? If the “will to survive” is lacking, how will wresting these entitled Westerners from their mind-numbing comforts and stuffing them into fatigues propel them to defend the civilization that they already feel is illegitimate and not worth defending?

cyberray said...
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