Monday, September 15, 2008

A culture of Complacency on the path to Destruccion

We have become complancent, as long as it doesn't take food off our table, What do we care, As long as is somone else doing the suffering and the dying, We don't want to get involved.
America want to be nice to it's enemies and put the screws to our friends.
We want to negotiate with Iran bring syria to the negotiationg table , we want the Israelis to go back to 1967 borders , we want them to give back the Golan Heights, We want them to give up the Farm, We want the Palestinians to have a Estate so they can live in peace .

We have discusions, will they even be there in 50 years, Do they have a right to exist?
Do they have a right to be there, or are the Jewish people a freak of nature, who never had claim on Holy lands, but came out the gates of hell, to invade Arab lands?

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