Thursday, November 16, 2006

To Iraqi Wife if we let you Down; We let ourselves Down!

And now that the Democrats won the elections, everyone is asking of their fate...the elections were more popular than Saddam's sentencing...If the Americans pull out now and leave us amid this chaos, we are all dead. We wont even be able to get jobs elsewhere, we will be seen as the "traitors" the "collaborators". If the Americans leave, Iraqis will eat each other, literally eat each other. If the Americans leave us now, there wont be an Iraq left on the face of the is a hopeless situation....Iraqi Wife.


Anonymous said...

this is insane, what is happening in Iraq

Anonymous said...

Im sorry you guys are in such a fix, the Americans got you there, now they should act responsibly and see the pacification and reconstruccion through

Anonymous said...

our credibility will be ruined if we left iraq