Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Suicide of Our Civilizations

A short documentary based on actual events, situations and headlines around the world, with actual audio and visual footage of nuclear explosions and all their potential awesome power..

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cyberray said...

To: Ray
Subject: Re: FW: 'The Suicide of our Culture'Video

Thanks, I wish I'd gotten to your e-mail earlier in the week, as your video is entertaining. The choice of Jimi Hendrix at the beginning seemed appropriate, in a way that I couldn't quite but my finger on.

Thanks again... nice job!

Editor, TROP
# posted by cyberray : 11:41 PM
D.T. Devareaux wrote:

To: Ray
Subject: Re: FW: 'The Suicide of our Culture'Video


Outstanding job. You really made the best of all of the suggestions you received from your first cut. I especially liked stopping "Break on Through" short for the mushroom clouds and explosion sfx, as well as some other little touches (e.g. focusing on "How Dare You Defend Yourself" and other subtle moments). Great work all around. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.


# posted by cyberray : 11:49 PM