Sunday, December 10, 2006

Even If We Leave Now, We'll Be Back

The Coming Of Gulf War III By David Rothkopf
Strategic redeployment. Phased drawdown. Exit strategy. However one phrases it, Washington seems to be turning a page in the story of seems quite possible that a Democratic president may be the one compelled to wage the Third Gulf War.
What plausible scenarios could draw even a war-weary United States back into the Middle East, into a Gulf War III? Clearly, the confrontation with Iran -- over its regional policies, support of terrorists and desire to acquire nuclear weapons -- tops the listThe Iranian threat is magnified because it could trigger an arms race for a "Sunni bomb" to offset the "Shiite bomb." What if Jordan, Pakistan or Saudi Arabia fell into fundamentalist hands? Washington Post


B.Poster said...

The WAPO is spot on. Even if we withdraw from Iraq we will be forced to go back in by our enemies. This is much the same way as eeven when Israel withdraws from places it always has to go back in. Even if we withdraw, our enemies willl not stop targeting us. While it would be very distressing to fail now, this would be just one roung. On that same note, Israel will have to fight another round with Lebanon soon.

When we have to go back in, we will define our enemies better, we will use overwhelming force, and figt it like we fought WWII. As long as the Iranian leadership is in power in Iran, a major war in the Middle East is inevitable.

The best we would be able to do is to put it off through appeasement policies. Unfortunately, if it is put off, the enemy will be even stronger later. It would be firmly in our best interest to finish this now but the will is lacking.

In any event our enemies will force the issue. If we fail now, this is merely one round of the war. If we don't do this now, the next round will be far bloodier and far more costly.

The distressing thing is, if we fail to defeat our enemies now, it will not be because they could defeat us on the battle field. It will be because we lost our nerve and allowed an enemy psy ops campaign to be used against us and our own media outlets aided and abetted the psy ops campaign!! I'm not sure whether it was intentional or not but there is no question that our own media outlets have aided and abetted the enemy.

The ariticle also gets it right with regards to American support for Israel. America and the West need the buffer that Israel provides between them and their enemis.

The author of the aritcle is spot on about the need to increase the size of our military. It is distressing that policy makers have not embarked on an effort to do this.

The author gets it right about the need to achieve energy independence. We can do this. Policy makers need to get the enviro whackos out of the way. The aritcle talks of conservation and innovation with regards to energy independence. These are both good things that we should work on, however, I think the article should have included something about the need to tap into more of our own oil and natrual gas resources. When we lessen our dependence on Middle Eastern oil, this will give us more leverage when dealing with these countries.

Anonymous said...

What a good observation, i could not agree with you more, great post.