Thursday, December 14, 2006

If Israel Falls, the West Follows

Saul Singer is Editorial Page Editor and author of the weekly column “Interesting Times” for the Jerusalem Post.

In particular, many people seem not to buy the analogy with Hitler and the 1930s, in terms of the nature of Iran's threat to world peace.

Hitler did not have the potential of leading a billion people, but the Iran/Hezbollah/Hamas/Al Qaeda axis could conceivably come to dominate a billion Muslims. Hitler also never managed to build nuclear weapons; Iran could.

Unfortunately, it seems the West is waiting for a major disaster or deterioration of the situation before rising to its own defense, as if 9/11 and subsequent attacks were not enough.

The irony is that the West has many ways to win, while has Iran has only one: Depending on the West volunteering not to defend itself.
Washington Post

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