Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Peace Of Islam

...............this piece has been made all the more timely with yesterday’s release of the Iraq Study Group Report which counsels, among other things suicidal and asinine, cooperation with Syria and Iran—cooperation with two of the powers profiting from and responsible for the ongoing carnage in Iraq. If the peace we were seeking was the peace that the mullahs or Muqtada al Sadr were interested in, there would be no Mahdi Army, there would be no Iranian shape charges piercing the armor of U.S. assault vehicles and humvees, there would be no Syrian-trained insurgents. These very simple facts have nonetheless escaped this, to be sure, considerably compensated committee of esteemed…diplomats and lawyers. And naturally, anything that reeks of U.S. defeat and debasement has all the little media vultures swarming and squawking breathlessly as if James Baker had just come down from the mountain to deliver this last, best chance of putting an end to the Iraqi quagmire—the catch is it means surrendering to our enemies. Peace with our Islamic foes, the only peace which they will countenance, is our explicit surrender—and liberals seemingly have no problem with this because in the meantime they can bask in a little temporary fame and renown as bringers of peace—temporary because soon it’ll be time to act surprised when the next catastrophe occurs—then the next demands when come, followed by the next concessions and bit by bit, and piece by piece, we will have made ourselves over in their image out pure cowardice and finally we will be at peace. We will accept our slavery gracefully and we will call it peace. by....... D.T Devareaux



The peace of Islam means a piece of this country, and piece of that country until they have all the pieces of all countries under sharia. Nothing else will do for "the peaceful ones".

Anonymous said...

this drawing is awesome!