Thursday, December 07, 2006

Robert Gates’ reference to an Israeli nuclear weapon was synchronized with Baker’s exclusion of Israel from a Mid East conference

The pair is pursuing a new policy line which sacrifices the traditional US-Israeli alliance for the sake of wooing Iran, Syria and Iraq’s neighbors for help in Iraq. During his senate hearings, Gates confirmed - and indirectly justified - Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon by declaring that the Islamic republic Iran wants the power of deterrence against “the nuclear countries surrounding them – Pakistan in the east, Russia in the north, Israel in the west and the United States in the Persian Gulf.” DEBKAfile.

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Now why would Iran want a nuclear deterrent against Russia? After all the Russians have been doing for them, this is the thanks they get? Typical Islamic gratitude.

As for the US selling out Israel that would be a disgrace. Why the hell would the US even consider sucking up to the pigs in Tehran and Damascus when they hate the US? The politicians pushing for this need some electroshock therapy for even thinking of this insanity.