Monday, January 22, 2007

88 Killed as Car Bombs Devastate Busy Baghdad Market

BAGHDAD, Jan. 22 The bombs killed at least 88 people and wounded 160 others even as the first of some 21,000 extra American troops ordered by President Bush began arriving in Baghdad, and as other troops took up positions on SunniShiite fault lines as part of a new strategy to secure the city.

This guys seem to be trying to outdo each other, will see next week if they can do top a hundred victims. Why aren't the UN sending more troops to stop the carnage ? Why aren't the Arabs nations sending troops to stop the carnage.

Why is arabs killing arabs ok, can you imajine if a Western country had deliberately killed 88 innocent civilians at a market , where is the United Nations ? Where is the Outrage ?

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