Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Lebanese Bloggers Under fire

The Lebanese blogosphere was insulted by Nassrallah’s speech tonight. Some reactions from Lebanese Bloggers to Nasrallah's provocations,

Raja: Nassrallah: Enough!

Beirut To The Beltway: The Decapitator’s Speech

Desmond: The Battle Begins

by Mustapha BeirutSpring.Com
The point that bugs me most in Nassrallah’s speech is that he thinks that the natural place for a debate among the Lebanese is behind closed doors among leaders. This is very telling and it shows how much respect he has for democracy. “Let us the leaders discuss your destiny behind closed doors, you just shut up and listen,” seems to be his logic. The leaders in question would do well to ignore him and keep the debate public. We want to scrutinize every point and we want to ask questions. If Mr. Nassrallah doesn’t like it we can vote for someone else.

More interesting comments on the situation in Lebanon ..Here..


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rampurple said...

Dude! What does Nasrallah's speech two days ago have to do with my post from July?? Way out of context...

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