Saturday, November 25, 2006

Arab Neglect Kills Hope in the Palestinian People Influences Grandmother to Killing Herself , Others .Why?

by cyberray

What Could Be Responsible for the Desperation that causes a grandmother of 39 grandchildren to have more to die than to live for?
the words Arab Neglect come to mind. The World Bank has noted in several of its reports, including that of November 2005, how many member states of the Arab League have consistently failed to deliver in part or in whole on their promises to the Palestinian People . The shortfall is in the hundreds of millions, if not more.As recently as the end of March 2006, Arab leaders met in Khartoum. They pledged US$50 million a month to the Palestinians with possibly more to come.within two weeks of the conference, the PA President and Prime Minister, Muhammed Abbas and Ismail Haniyeh respectively, were already being quoted as being unsure when or even whether Arab governments will deliver on their pledges.
Arab estates for all their resources and their close emotional proximity to the issue, the Arab states continue to pledge little, both in absolute terms and relative to groups like the EU, and then they deliver even less. Even the most threatening of regimes, Iran, which so loudly supports the Palestinian agenda, has only committed a one-off donation of around $50 million, although here too the money has yet to arrive in Ramallah.
This evasion of responsibilities by Middle East rulers raises a clear question: Why don't they carry out the promises to a people, whose cause they have espoused for decades with a continuous flow of positive rhetoric?
One is left to wonder if the Arab world continues to keep the Palestinian people on the brink purposely in order to use them as human weapons against the Jewish People.

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