Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bad Week for Americans In Iraq, A Report From the Front

Over 15 US Invaders Annihilated in IraqPublication time: 24 November 2006, 08:15
Violent clashes had been raging between the Iraqi Resistance and US troops backed up by their Iraqi puppet army allies in the city of al-Hadithah. An Iraqi Resistance bomb exploded by a US military patrol in a village near al-Khalidiyah, about 85km west of Baghdad on Wednesday morning. The bomb, which had been planted in a used car tire and placed by the side of the road to as-Saddah blew up by a US patrol vehicle as it drove past. The explosion completely destroyed the vehicle, killing two US soldiers and wounding others. An Iraqi Mujahideen bomb exploded by a US patrol based in the city of al-Qa'im in western Iraq near the Syrian border on Tuesday. The blast totally destroyed an American Humvee One American soldier and three Iraqi puppet troops were killed in two Resistance attacks in the locked-down city of al-Hadithah.
On Saturday afternoon, Iraqi Mujahideen fighters succeeded in capturing two other US Marines in an ambush in ar-RamadiSaturday afternoon, violent fighting was underway for about an hour between dozens of Mujahideen fighters and US occupation troops ,witnesses said that they had heard that the Americans were suffering heavy losses.
On Saturday evening, an Iraqi fida'i fighter drove an explosives-laden Kia car into a checkpoint jointly manned by US and Iraqi puppet army soldiers "five minutes later we heard the sound of the explosion. It shook the whole eastern district of al-Hadithah. The car bomber killed or wounded more than 10 US and Iraqi puppet troops and set two Humvees that were parked at the checkpoint on fire.

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