Sunday, November 19, 2006

Police have now restored order to the streets of Melbourne

The 'Youths' are up to it again this time in Australia.
The G20 Summit, which is represented by the central bank governors and finance ministers of the world's 20 richest economies met in Melbourne. But there were 'youths' who had come prepared for violence. "These are people that want to trash the streets of Melbourne and they want to trash the reputation of Australia," said Treasurer Peter Costello.
About 30 police officers were injured in the violence.The violence forced police to retreat several times. "People attending the G20 shouldn't be able to meet without feeling the heat that ordinary people suffer as a result of their policies," 28-year-old James Coates told Australia's AAP news agency.

The youths were identified as a mismatch alliance of anarchists, anti-war protesters and left-wing activists

Could it be we have another intifada on the offing! Australia Take Note. It's bad enough you allow all these women in miniskirts running around provoking these guys to rape them.

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