Friday, November 24, 2006

The Israelis finger on the trigger?

The red telephone or the mobile phone rings for four senior people in the Israeli system. The conversation lasts for just a few seconds. "Thank you. Goodbye," says the caller, and hangs up. This is just an exercise....Unnecessary delay is liable to cause hundreds of deaths in a crowded city...Pulling the trigger too hastily is liable to cause a human and diplomatic tragedy.

Between the moment that an unidentified plane suspected of being hostile gets close to Israel's shoreline or borders there are very few minutes .This must be multiplied by a thousand, or more, to understand what would happen if Iran had an operational system of ground-to-ground missiles with nuclear warheads.The air force commander, the chief of staff, the defense minister and the government will have to have their fingers on the trigger at all times. This will be an existential situation. Israel cannot gamble on Bush being there when the skies is necessary to prepare There will not be leisure for this when the siren goes off.

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